Welcome to Ken Wilson Media and Marketing Services.  
We’ve been serving the book publishing industry for over three decades in Southern California with media escorting, literary publicity and what we call in-store Grass Roots Guerilla Marketing.
Our author clients have run the gamut from Janet Evanovich, Joseph Wambaugh and James Ellroy to Dan Rather, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  and former Secretary of State George Schultz. Our publisher clients include Simon & Schuster, Hyperion, St. Martin’s, HarperCollins, Warner Books, Random House and W.W. Norton, just to mention a few.  In our quarter century, we’ve served over 3000 authors and their publishers.  
If you’re a publisher looking for media escorts to facilitate the care and feeding of your authors, or are looking for a literary publicist to book media in Southern California, please contact us.  If you’re an author looking to maximize your in-store exposure, we can help by introducing you to nearly every bookstore manager and the top hand-selling staffers in our region.  As most successful authors will tell you, books are hand sold, one at a time, and getting to know those hand-sellers can make all the difference.
For questions about our services or just to pick our brains, feel free to email us at kwmedia@earthlink.net or call 818-903-0850.