Grass Roots Guerilla Marketing
Since 2004, we’ve been offering a service that gets our author clients known by the people who hand sell their books.  
We call it Grass Roots Guerilla Marketing and it forges a relationship between an author and the in-store sales force in both independent and chain bookstores.  
Here’s how it works.  We visit as many Southern California bookstores as possible – from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs to Orange County and everywhere in between – where we introduce our author clients to each store’s managers and key sales personnel.  If there are books in the stores, the author autographs them and the books receive more prominent placement.  If there are no books, we can usually get the store to place an order. 
The purpose of grass roots guerilla marketing is to kick start hand selling.  When store personnel hand sell to their customers, more store orders are generated.  That means a longer presence on the store shelves.  
When an author gets to know a bookseller, a relationship is created – one that benefits not only the current title, but future titles and an author’s all-important backlist.
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