On Grass Roots Marketing

Our work is never complete without securing the the professional, caring, knowledgeable, and aggressive grass roots marketing services of Ken Wilson.  We recommend him to all our authors as an invaluable addition to what we do.  If our authors don't hire Ken themselves, we hire Ken for them. 
Publicity is great and of course it's important, but it doesn't get you into the stores themselves, to meet and greet the people who actually do the selling of your book.  Ken knows everyone and knows how to get an author's book ordered and into the system. 
Word of mouth is the oldest and most efficient form of publicity and if you want to get it in motion, hire Ken Wilson.
-- Kim Dower, Kim-from-L.A. Literary Publicists

Ken Wilson knows that books are hand sold, one at a time. The trick is to motivate either the buyer or the seller that your book is special.
I can honestly say that Ken knows more about the real world of marketing, sales, and publicity in the book business than anyone from coast-to-coast.  We're talking real life, on-the-ground effort. 
If I were starting over with nothing going for me other than a finished first book, my initial call would be to Ken Wilson."
-- C.J. Box, bestselling author of FREE FIRE and BLUE HEAVEN

One of the most important things an author can do is stop by our bookstores, meet the booksellers and sign his or her books.  An author we know is an author whose book's we'll go out of our way to sell.  Throughout Southern Calfornia, our employees drop everything to get to know the authors Ken Wilson introduces us to.
-- Lita Weissman, Area Marketing Manager, Borders Stores, Los Angeles

On Book Publicity

I have been doing Los Angeles-based book publicity and promotion tours with Ken Wilson for over ten years.  He is the best!  Ken has become a good friend and I can recommend him to any author without hesitation.
-- Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic, author of over 40 books

Ken did a fabulous job promoting our book. He was an invaluable help with our goal.  We look forward to working with him again.
-- Simon Chaitowitz, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

On Media Escorting

Ken Wilson is the purveyor of order and peace for all my national book tours.  It doesn't matter if I'm in New Jersey or Los Angeles, Costco or an independent, meeting 400 people or 5,000, I drag Ken along with me.  I couldn't tour without him. He’s the guy who makes sure everyone is happy and the signing goes off without a glitch.  Ken is my hero.
--Janet Evanovich, bestselling author of LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN and NO CHANCE

When it comes to touring authors, nobody can do it like Ken Wilson.  He's professional, plugged in, and knows the business inside and out.  He's a good guy, too.  You can go on book tour without your right arm, but don't go without Ken.
-- T. Jefferson Parker, bestseller, two-time Edgar winner and recipient of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, author of STORM RUNNERS and L.A. OUTLAWS

Ken  does a fantastic job with our authors and he has a deep knowledge of the LA market -- which helps enormously with up-to-the-minute changes.
-- Rachel Salzman, Publicity Director, W.W. Norton Publishing

I've worked with Ken Wilson for over ten years and he is the gold standard for author care.  From the flight into LA until the author boards the plane on the way out, Ken never fails to make sure that they have felt comfortable and made the most of their time in the market.
-- Paul Olsewski, V.P., Senior Director of Publicity, Collins